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Cookie Policy

This notice explains how the Aris Limassol Football Club Website uses Cookie files in its operational process in various areas. We take all the necessary steps to ensure that your privacy is constantly under the protection of our security systems and provide you with the best possible experience during your browsing session across our website. To comply with our obligations under the EU Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulation, the website will ask users to consent to the use of cookies as described in this policy.


By continuing to use our website you give consent to the usage of cookies. Remember, you save your right to change cookie preferences and settings on your device at any time.


If you decide to set cookie settings differently, block cookie files on our website or remove them altogether from your device you can amend it under ‘Settings’ in the browser you use.


Important! Remember any changes in cookie settings may affect the functionality of the website and related applications. General guidance can be found here:


What is a cookie file and why do we need it?


A cookie is a small text data file that is stored on the PC hard drive or in the memory of your smartphone without any further data exchange. It includes a unique identifier that is delivered to your device from the website you visit. This is made to collect information into a personal profile to track and collect information on trends and preferences of users. It also helps our website and apps to recognize and remember you on repeat visits.


All these steps are meant to individualize the system to the user's unique needs as well as improve areas of our website which users find valuable.


Important! Cookies cannot receive any information from your hard drive or gather personal data from cookies created by other websites.


We use cookie files & other similar technologies to:

For instance, the system will recognize you as a returning visitor and will be able to tailor your experience to suit your interests based on previously viewed articles, player profiles, and more.

For example, collecting session and event data to find out which features and areas are most viewed and popular among subscribers and website visitors.


Types of cookies we use:


The use of cookies is an industry standard that can be found on most major websites.


We also have several statistical, advertising and research companies operating independently on our website. Their operational process includes collecting information about visitors of our websites using cookies, log data and embedded codes in our websites. It is meant to improve the quality services they provide to users of our website and related applications. We strictly demand that the third parties do not use any type of collected user’s personal and confidential information for their own purposes.

Important! When using third-party services, you assume and accept the risk. Aris FC holds no responsibility and does not accept liability for the privacy policies applied by third parties.