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Goals are set to be achieved. Only it does not become the final stage. The toil, the agony, the frustration, the fall, the strength to rise again, the hope, the dream is what composes an entire world behind a goal. In ARIS, in its Infrastructure Departments, from 2021 there is a dream. The creation of CYPRIOT football players, the basis for a Cypriot football school.

The Aris FC Academy project presents the world of Aris Limassol Academies, their philosophy, their structure, their history and their leapfrog evolution. The responsibility, the stress, the joy and the satisfaction at the same time to create and utilize a talent are the dominant emotions of the people who build the daily bet of the Infrastructure Departments of ARIS.

In fact, from 2021 a coordinated effort began for the promotion and operation of the ARIS Infrastructure Departments. The restart sets high goals, such as becoming one of the best academies in Cyprus in five years.

ARIS Academy is not only about teaching the kids tactics, technique and improve their physical conditions and discipline. We believe that developing kids’ psychology, especially the winning mentality and creating a positive climate will help them to achieve their goals in- and outside of the football pitch.

Because it is not just the facilities that are the issue - extremely important anyway, but the opportunity to create a school where children who have been integrated into the ARIS family will be able to cope better with the tough daily training and school program. Our ambition is to be a true family and to always act with honesty, integrity, respect and humility.

The coordination has been undertaken by Antonis Nikolaou, ex-football player with more than 150 participations in the 1st Category Cyprus league (Aris Limassol, Panionios, Apoel, Ael, Apollon). More than 20 people work in the Infrastructure Departments of ARIS. Including coordinators, coaches, trainers, technical directors, doctors, physiotherapists and teachers.

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Herbert Fon Karayian, Limassol