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Aris medical team met Frederick students

Ari’s Limassol department of Athletic Performance and Rehabilitation Training, led by Dr. Christos Papadopoulos, presented to Frederick University of Limassol physiotherapy students, the profile of the sports physiotherapist in professional football. In addition, the students were given a tour of our team’s work-space. The dressing room, gym, physiotherapy room, and stadium.

The head of our medical team, and assistant coach who holds a Doctor diploma in Sports sciences (among others), Dr. Papadopoulos, developed the philosophy our team follows in comparison with the various schools that have prevailed in this field, stressing that Aris adopted elements from all schools English/American, French and German, following international standards, with German being the most prominent. 

Dr. Papadopoulos told the students that for the last two years, Aris Athletic Performance and Rehabilitation Training team has been dealing with all three main pillars of their field, which are therapy, injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

This serves for fulfilling the initial goal of the team which is to operate autonomously in the field of treatment, injury prevention and rehabilitation, as these 3 elements elevate the performance of the players. 

To put this plan into action, in addition to Dr. Papadopoulos, the team is staffed by the head physiotherapist and coordinator of the medical department Konstantinos Soutzis, physiotherapists Alexis Markou and Ioannis Georgiou, massage therapist George Hadjitouli, rehabilitation coach Andreas Silvestros, fitness coach and GPS analyst Nicolas Christoforou, nutritionist Evagoras Christofidis, orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Steven Iosifidis and Professor Dr. Nikos Zamboglou.

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