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Fairwell to Latvia with a Friendly Victory

With a victory over Skanstes SK by 3-1, the ARIS delegation bid a farewell to Latvia since on Thursday they are flying back to Cyprus. Mr. Shpileuski used two different line-ups in each half, using a total of 24 players.

In the first half, the head coach used a different tactical formation, and the team were unable to impose the rhythm of the game. As a result, we were down at half-time by 1-0.

In the second half, we witnessed a different team that dominated completely on the pitch. A new line-up, different formation and very good performance allowed ARIS to turn the game around, score three goals and create several chances for more.

As is always the case in friendly pre-season friendlies, the coach will keep the positives and work on the negatives to improve the team game by game. The biggest part of the ARIS delegation in Latvia will fly back to Cyprus on Thursday. On Monday, July 4th, the team will fly to Slovenia for the second part of the pre-season.

Eight players—along with a few members of the coaching team and the staff—will stay behind since they did not participate in the pre-season from day one. So, the goal is to reach the physical condition level of the rest of the squad before they join them. The second part of the pre-season begins on July 4th in Slovenia.

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