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Training sessions for children with autism

It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce the official start of the training sessions for children with autism. This initiative began last season, but as of this February, training sessions are hold on a weekly basis. This was made possible thanks to the support of the sponsoring company "Quadcode" and the cooperation of the Autism Society Cyprus.

Apart from keeping the children close to sports and the beautiful game in specific, the major goal is the inclusion and acceptance of the children by other children of their age and the society in general.

At the official beginning of the training sessions (on Friday, April 5) attended by Aris president Vladimir Fedorov, senior team’s head coach coach Aiaksei Shpileuski, our goalkeeper Mislav Zadro and academy director Alexander Minin. For Quadcode, among others, were present Mr. Michael Gitsis, COO, and Autism Society Cyprus president, Tasoula Georgiadou.

In their brief greeting, they all praised the importance of this initiative, while Mrs Georgiadou thanked Aris FC and Quadcode for its implementation.

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